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Welcome to iRINGTools Software


iRINGTools is a set of free, public domain, and open source (BSD 3 license) software applications and utilities that implement iRING protocols. iRINGTools provide users with production ready deployable solutions. iRINGTools also provides technology solution providers with usage patterns for the implementation of iRING protocols in their respective solutions.


iRINGTools Open Source Software

The iRINGTools open source software was created to provide users with a deployable implementation of ISO 15926 services. With iRINGTools you can browse and extend ISO 15926 reference data, map an application schema to the ISO 15926 reference data, transform an application's data into an ISO 15926 representation, and exchange data between other iRING implementations that support ISO 15926 protocols.

iRINGTools can perform these functions via the following packages:

  • iRINGTools-Adapter: this package contains the adapter services and the adapter manager UI (reference data editor is deprecated and will be replaced a new UI framework in future releases). It is C# based and requires IIS to run.
  • iRINGTools-Core: this package contains core services and the exchange manager UI. It is Java based and requires a Java application server, e.g. Apache Tomcat, to run.

The iRINGTools services and applications can be evaluated at the iRINGTools Showroom.

iRINGTools Technical Support

Technical support is offered to the currently released version of iRINGTools only. This implies that all user of previous version should upgrade to the latest version of iRINGTools as soon as possible. Technical support is limited to the iRINGTools open source products only. Support for the host operating system, database servers, and web hosting services is by others. All requests for iRINGTools support should be posted on the iRINGTools User Group Forum under the appropriate iRINGTools topic.

iRINGTools Documentation

The following documents for iRINGTools version 2.8.2 are provided courtesy of Professor Duhwan Mun of Kyungpook National University.

iRINGTools Resources

iRINGTools Software Control Board

iRINGTools Deployment

iRINGTools Architecture and Design

Development Site

Sprint Planning

Issue Tracking: JIRA


iRINGTools DataLayers

iRING Showroom

Downloads (Version 2.4.0)

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